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Engine House and Yard

The CP&LE Engine House and yard have change many times over the years. Changing so much, we don't know how all the track placement through the years has been located! The Engine House originally built in 1964, started as a two stall open end shelter for Maud and Albert. With Mr. Roose adding locomotives to the roster, additional sidings and the Engine House doubling in length with enclosure took place the next year. Rumor has it that at one time, the Engine House was able to be ran through front to back conecting to the main line at each end. Just another mystery of the railroad.

Today, the Engine House has not changed much but of course the yard has. As noted above, we still don't know where any of the sidings or the original main lines used to be. We can guess, but have no photo evidence. As seen in the photo above, the track on the right is the actual Engine House lead. The center track is the Green Train storage siding, and the Left track is the stub siding which we keep little engine and the ballast car on during the summer, and in winter the tenders are placed here. On occasion, we may place a locomotive here for whatever reason. The coal and slack piles are of course seen easily. All ash is placed in the dumpster and shipped off.

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