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St John Plantation No.3  
Wheels: 2-6-0
Builder: Davenport Locomotive Works
Build Date:  1910
Empty Weight: 15 Tons
Weight on Drivers: 12 Tons
Driver Diameter: 28"
Tractive Effort: 7934
Operating Pressure: 135
Cylinders: 11x16


   One of the two original engines to run on the CP&LE, 2-6-0 Albert was built by the Davenport Locomotive Company of Davenport, Iowa in 1910 (construction number 1042) to haul sugar cane on the J.B. Levert-St.John Plantation in St. Martinsville, Louisiana. Albert was given its name on the plantation. Retired when trucks took over hauling the cane, Albert was sold in 1959 to the Sutton Junk and Salvage Company in New Iberia, La. Although Albert could have been cut up for scrap, Arthur LaSalle of the American Railroad Equipment Association, which had built a tourist railroad near Hilliard, Florida, and another near Memphis, purchased the engine in 1960 and restored it for operation using the last replacement boiler built before Davenport left the locomotive building business. Albert ran for perhaps three seasons at the Cherokee Wonderland tourist railroad in Cherokee, NC, across the mountain from Gatlinburg, TN, earning a picture in Ron Ziel's book "Twilight of Steam Locomotives" while at Cherokee.

   Albert then came to Cedar Point in 1963 and was placed in service immediately. After twenty five years of service to the CP&LE, Albert was being used as a backup engine during peak crowds by the late 1980s. With the restoration of the two Vulcans at Shop Services in 1991, it was possible to give Albert some well deserved rest. Today, reported to need some running gear work and a new frame, he is slumbering on display on the Cedar Junction track. Albert awaits the day when he will hopefully be rebuilt for service.

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