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George R.


Carbon Limestone Company No.4
Wheels: 2-4-0
Builder: H.K. Porter
Build Date:  1942
Empty Weight: 25 Tons
Weight on Drivers: 21.62 Tons
Driver Diameter: 33"
Tractive Effort: 9013
Operating Pressure: 100 lbs
Cylinders: 12x18


   Another graduate of Arthur LaSalle's Cherokee Wonderland Railroad after Albert, #4 was built by the H.K. Porter Locomotive Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as construction number 7348 in 1942 for the Carbon Limestone Company of Hillsville, PA, just southeast of Youngstown, Ohio. The Carbon Limestone equipment was unusual in having been built to 38" gage instead of the more common 36" gage, making it necessary to narrow the engine by two inches during the restoration. Nine Carbon Limestone engines still exist, two of which run on a tourist railroad in Hawaii.

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