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Judy K.


Lehigh Stone Company #5
Wheels: 2-4-0
Builder: Vulcan Iron Works
Build Number:   3333
Build Date:  1923
Empty Weight: 18 Tons
Weight on Drivers: 13.5 Tons
Driver Diameter: 30"
Tractive Effort: 6120
Operating Pressure: 100 lbs
Cylinders: 10x16


   This engine which is today the Judy K. was built as construction number 3333 by the Vulcan Iron Works in 1922 as an 0-4-0T, virtually identical to the engine which became the Myron H.. Unfortunately, #5's original owner is a mystery. The original owner sold it at an unknown date to the Lehigh Stone Company of Lehigh, Illinois, where it was numbered #802. In 1960, it was sold to private collector Peter Burno of Spring Green, Wisconsin. Sold to Cedar Point in August 1968 (at the end of the first season in which the Frontiertown station was open) and converted to 2-4-0 with tender, a footnote states it had boiler #3370, indicating that perhaps the boiler had been traded with another engine which needed more chassis work. 

   It was simply known as "CP&LE #5" until 1974, when it was named the "Jack Foster" after the rather outspoken first superintendent of the CP&LE. Jack is believed to have come to the park after a career as an engineer on the Smoky Mountain Railroad which ran between Knoxville and Sevierville, Tennessee. When the Smoky Mountain RR converted to diesel, Jack wouldn't have anything to do with it. About that time, a new steam tourist line called the Rebel Railroad was being built in nearby Pigeon Forge. After a few years, the Rebel RR became Goldrush Junction which was partially owned by George Roose. It is assumed that George and Jack met there (today it is Dollywood Amusement Park). Jack Foster is reputed to have been the only employee allowed to wear a beard during Cedar Point's operating season. He suffered a stroke about 1973 and was confined to a nursing home in Tennessee until he died. 

   By the late 1980s, the Vulcan #5 "Jack Foster" had been retired to the back of the enginehouse with #22. Out of service for a number of years, it was shipped to Shop Services where it was rebuilt in 1991-1992 and emerged renamed the "Judy K" after the wife of Cedar Fair, L.P. CEO and president Richard Kinzel. Today, Judy K. is in active service acting as the second train locomotive for 2 train operation days at Cedar Point.


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