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Maud L.


CP&LE #1
Wheels: 2-4-4T
Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works
Build Date:  1902
Empty Weight: 15 Tons
Weight on Drivers: 10.5 Tons
Driver Diameter: 30"
Tractive Effort: 4810 Lbs.
Operating Pressure: 150 lbs
Cylinders: 9x14''


Miss. Maud has had an extensive history. Originally built in 1902 for the Laurel Valley Plantation for use as a sugar cane hauler from Baldwin Locomotive Works, she chuffed and pulled her heart out for many years on the plantation. She was finally retired in 1926 when only one larger locomotive was needed, which was her 0-6-4T Porter running mate Melodia. Maud sat alone until 1946 when roads and trucks finally caught up with the plantation. Both Maud and her running mate Melodia sat on the plantation until Mr. Aruthur LaSalle purchased them in 1961. Maud was then purchased shortly thereafter by George Roose and after a re-build, ran at Cedar Point until 1992. In 1999 Disney aquired her, and in 2005 after recieving an extensive re-build, she once again was steaming.

Maud as she is thought to have looked from Baldwin.
Maud as she looked at Cedar Point- See Photo at top of Page...^
Maud, now the Ward Kimball at Disneyland Today.

The above photos were used with permission and are property of Steve DeGaetano and Preston Nirattisai at Steam Passages Publications.


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