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Myron H.


Wayne Coal Company No.22
Wheels: 2-4-0
Builder: Vulcan Iron Works
Build Number: 3264
Build Date:  1922
Empty Weight: 18 Tons
Weight on Drivers: 13.5 Tons
Driver Diameter: 30"
Tractive Effort: 7405
Operating Pressure: 10 lbs
Cylinders: 11x16


   0-4-0T #22 (construction number 3264) was built by the Vulcan Iron Works in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, in 1922 and was sold to the Wayne Coal Company in Clay Bank, Ohio. Clay Bank no longer shows on maps, but in the 1920s there was a Clay Bank Station in the coal country of Wayne County, near Jackson, Ohio, and it is assumed that this was the location of the Wayne Coal Company. At least three Wayne Coal engines still exist.    #22 changed hands several times, being passed in 1927 to Birmingham Rail and Locomotive Products, a broker based in Birmingham, Alabama (the engine probably never actually went to Birmingham), Standard Coated Products in Hepzibah, Georgia (in 1927), which became Albion Caolin (also Hepzibah, Georgia), Merry Brothers Brick and Tile Company in Augusta, Georgia (in 1945), and private collector Charles Weber in Archibold, Ohio.    Engine #22 arrived at Cedar Point in 1963 and was converted to a 2-4-0 with tender. It was named "Myron H" in 1981 after mild mannered Mike "Myron" Hetrick, who succeeded Jack Foster as the superintendent of the CP&LE. Mike was a retired New York Central Railroad employee who had met Cleveland Browns part owner George Roose while Mike was working as a security guard at the Cleveland stadium.

   The Myron H. had been retired by the late 1980s and sat in the back of the enginehouse with the #5 Jack Foster, with plans to restore one or both engines for sister park Valleyfair in Minneapolis. Both of the Vulcan engines were sent to Shop Services at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, in 1990 and were restored, but instead of going to Valleyfair, both returned to Cedar Point and are today the mainstay of the operating fleet. Myron H. is lead locomotive today for all operation at Cedar Point.

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