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If you have any memories of the
CP&LE R.R. in your life, and want to share, feel free!

Just email me at- cplerr@hotmail.com   with your stories today!

-   "I visit Randy Catri every year. He has a great legacy with the Railroad. Unfortunately not many people know about him and what goes on behind the scenes in the engine house etc... to keep this historical landmark running everyday. Thats why we need to spread more awareness and history about the Railroad to the general public."

-   "According to my mother, I first rode the train at a whopping few months old. The engine pulling the train was then "Jack Foster", now Judy K., and ever since then I have been a railroad buff, model railroader, a current Engineer on the Railroad, and your site administrator."
-John Marhesic

-   "I was the first engineer to run George R. at Cp - I am very proud of this fact - and it was a very interesting experience."
-Tom "Desperado" Dispirito

-   "I first remember riding the Cedar Point and Lake Erie back when #5 and #22 were fresh from overhaul, captivating my fresh perspective from a young age. 40 years beyond their debut careers, Where else do the real work horses of yesteryear steam, the forgotten quarry critters and the saddle tanks relish such an unexpected legacy? Decorated in flashy blues, reds, polished wood and brass? none other than Cedar Point!, where these vintage machines are still earning their keep amongst the shadows, sights, and sounds, of modern amusements. Some things will age, but never mislay their admirable distinction.''
-Michael K.

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