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''Where else do the real work horses of yesteryear steam, the forgotten quarry critters and the saddle tanks relish such an unexpected legacy? Decorated in flashy blues, reds, polished wood and brass? none other than Cedar Point!, where these vintage machines are still earning their keep amongst the shadows, sights, and sounds, of modern amusements. Some things will age, but never mislay their admirable distinction...''

-Michael K.

Phantom Studios and cplerr.com

Randy Sappo-
is a professional railroad illustrator from Pittsburgh, PA.  A train lover from early childhood, Randy spent a week at Cedar Point every summer visiting the CP&LE trains from the age of 3 to 28.  Over the last decade he has researched and illustrated the CP&LE for a book project that he hopes to have completed in 2007. 
Randy currently resides in Oklahoma City, where he also makes his living as a professional ice hockey referee.

Below is a few previews of his work along with links to his website of CP&LE artwork and all of the other art work he masterfully illustrates.



CP&LE Book


Phantom Studios

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