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  • George Roose starts crossing the country looking for locomotives.


  • First engine purchased, Named Maud L.


  • Opening day- May.....
  • Albert is leased to the RR from Cherokee Wonderland.
  • # 22 is purchased. In bad condition, quickly re-built from an 0-4-0T to a 2-4-0 with tender.
  • Jennie K. purchased. Also quickly converted into an 2-4-0 with tender.


  • Albert finally purchased by CP&LE.
  • Victoria L. purchased.


  • # 5 purchased. Poor condition quickly re-built.


  • 4,500,000 passengers hauled, largest number of passengers ever...


  • # 5 named "Jack Foster" after the first superintendent of the RR and re-build into a 2-4-0 with tender.


  • # 22 named "Myron H." in honor of Mike "Myron" Hetrick, former superintendent of the RR.
  • Victoria L. re-named "George R." in honor of George Roose. 


  • Myron H. gets a complete overhaul by Shop Servieces of Mount Pleasant, Iowa.


  • Albert runs for the last time, due to a cracked frame.


  • Jack Foster gets a complete re-build by Shop Services of Mount Pleasant, Iowa.
  • Jack Foster is re-named "Judy K." after the wife of Cedar Point CEO/President Richard "Dick" Kinzel.


  • Maud L. is traded to DisneyLand RR.
  • Ward Kimball purchased through trade of Maud L. from DisneyLand.


  • Ward Kimball still out of service and remains un-named.


  • Track re-located along White Water Landing for new coaster Maverick.


  • Judy K. FINALLY getting some TLC.

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